Giovani dos Santos Would Take LA Galaxy Over Tottenham or Atletico Madrid

Giovani dos Santos. Photo by Michael Janosz/ISI/REX/Shutterstock

LA Galaxy forward Giovani dos Santos obviously likes it in the Major League Soccer. The 28-year-old decided to come to MLS from Europe in 2015, a decision that was widely criticized in his native Mexico. But for dos Santos, this was the right decision all along and he never regretted it.

ESPN Mexico had a chat with Giovani dos Santos recently and asked him whether his decision would have been the same if Tottenham Spurs or Atletico Madrid came calling at the moment he was preparing to sign with Galaxy.

If I take myself back to the moment of making the decision and if at that moment they’d have called from the teams you mentioned, I’d have chosen Galaxy,” – responded Dos Santos. “I’m happy with the decision I’ve taken. I get up in the morning and I’m happy and that is what is important for me in the end. I greet my family, my brothers, my parents. Me being happy doesn’t have a price.

Once considered one of Mexico’s brightest talents, Giovani dos Santos never managed to make a significant breakthrough in his career. After playing for Barcelona, Tottenham, Galatasaray, and Villareal among others, dos Santos joined the LA Galaxy on 15 July 2015. In 69 games he played so far, he managed to score 26 goals. Still, these goals didn’t help him to convince other MLS players in his capabilities. He was named the league’s most overrated player according to pool ESPN conducted among 104 MLS players.

He’s a good player, but I think American media overhype him based on his past experience with Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur instead of his MLS performances,” – one player said of Dos Santos. “I think he’s a player who sells a lot of tickets for the Galaxy because of the large Mexican community in L.A., but I don’t think he has the same impact on the league as players like David Villa and Sebastian Giovinco.

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