What’s Next for the New York Giants? Hopefully Trading for Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen in his rookie year with the Cardinals. Photo by John Fisher/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

It’s hard to be a New York Giants’ fan these days. The team is slowly becoming a laughingstock of the NFL thanks to a combination of poor performances on the field and even worse front office decisions. There is no reason for optimism that things will get better since the team has an aging quarterback in Eli Manning, who is on the decline for the past several years, and no succession plan. Oh, and to top that, the Giants recently decided to trade away the generational talent that is Odell Beckham Jr.

So, the only logical question that one can ask is: “What’s next for New York Giants?”

Well, hopefully, the answer is trading for Arizona Cardinals’ QB Josh Rosen since that’s the only way this team can turn things around and return to their winning ways.

We can all agree that the quarterback is the most important position in football. Having talented running backs and wide receivers or intimidating defense can win games, but it is the great QBs that win Super Bowls and give the franchise its stability. While Rosen might not give the Giants Super Bowls in the near future, he can give them stability for sure.

So why is Josh Rosen a perfect answer to the New York Giants’ problems?

First of all, he is talented and has an amazing upside. Rosen’s stats in his rookie year don’t paint the real picture since Cardinals had a terrible offensive line and lacked weapons to surround their young QB. Still, he managed to show flashes of brilliance and hint at what he could eventually become: above average QB with a strong and accurate arm that adopts an intelligent approach to the game. Let us not forget that he also didn’t have a proper mentor in Arizona, but in New York, he could benefit from Manning’s experience and learn under him. 

Secondly, Josh Rosen would fit the Giants’ system perfectly. He is a similar type of calm-under-pressure quarterback as Eli with both of them being pocket passers and lacking a run game. This would make the transition largely pain-free. Even more, compared to Manning, Rosen could end up being a more accurate thrower of the football while also being able to improvise when it gets rough as he has done many times in college.

Finally, Rosen could be acquired for cheap.

The worst kept secret in the league is that the Cardinals will spend the No.1 pick in this year’s draft on Oklahoma’s QB Kyler Murray as they think he fits better in the system of their new coach Kliff Kingsbury. This will make Rosen expendable, and the word is on the street that Arizona might end up taking a second-round pick for him despite drafting him 10th overall just a year ago.

Spending a second-rounder for a first-round talent should be a no brainer for Giants, especially since they were reportedly drafting a QB in the first round of this year’s draft. Instead of spending their No. 6 or No. 17 picks on Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock, who both were inferior in the college level compared to Rosen’s accomplishments on UCLA, they can make a bargain deal with Cardinals while using their first-rounders to address some other issues and put themselves in position to succeed in the future.

So, will New York Giants do the smart thing and trade for Josh Rosen? Unfortunately, the reality is that they probably won’t as clearly, they are in the business of making their fans miserable and don’t mean to wrap that up anytime soon. Also, while Giants get caught up in all the tinkering and weighing pros and cons, someone else will step in (New England Patriots?) and snatch Rosen right under their nose.

But, hey! It isn’t all that dark. New York still has one talented quarterback who will excite football fans in the city. It’s just a shame he is wearing the Jets’ uniform.