The NFL season only has three weeks remaining until the dust is settled and the playoff teams are set in stone. Fortunately for fans of the league, there is still plenty left to decide and lots of races to follow in the final three games of the season.

Here are three NFL divisional races to keep a close eye on during the final weeks of the season.

AFC South: Houston Texans (8-5) vs. Tennessee Titans (8-5)

The Titans and Texans head into the final three games of the season with identical 8-5 records. Few could’ve ever expected this just a month ago, but the Titans have rode a hot streak led by breakout quarterback Ryan Tannehill to get themselves into the mix of the race.

Amazingly, the two teams have yet to face off so far this season, meaning that two of the final three games of the year will be between the two teams. The Texans might have a slight advantage, as they host the Week 17 matchup at home and play the Bucs in their Week 16 matchup, whereas the Titans must take on the NFC South kings, the Saints.

If Tannehill can keep his momentum up and deliver the Titans another big win this weekend, which would be their fifth victory in a row, they’d be in the driver’s seat for their first division title since 2008.

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys (6-7) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (6-7)

Mediocrity has reigned in the NFC East this season, in which no team has a winning record. The Cowboys and Eagles, two talented teams that have massively underachieved, still find themselves with their playoff dreams alive as they’re tied at the top of the division at 6-7.

A big Week 16 showdown at Lincoln Financial Field will likely decide who limps out of this weak conference. Dak Prescott leads the NFL in passing yards and has been a bright spot in the midst of a bleak season for the Cowboys, and he just might have to turn in a few big performances to put the ‘Boys back in the playoffs.

NFC West: San Francisco 49ers (11-2) vs. Seattle Seahawks (10-3)

This division race is a little different, as both of these teams are pretty much guaranteed to make the playoffs as either the NFC West winner or as a wild card team. Needless to say, however, both teams will be chomping at the bit to win their division and earn a first-round bye in the playoffs.

The 49ers lead the race by a game, and they could easily head into their Week 17 matchup with the Seahawks in Seattle with a 13-2 record after games with the Falcons and Rams. However, the Seahawks’ Week 15 and 16 games against the Panthers and Cardinals aren’t the most difficult matchups either. If they can beat the 49ers in Week 17, they could very well take home the division crown.