Redskins Promise Terrelle Pryor Pain; Jets WR is Ready For it

Terrelle Pryor in 2017. Photo by Chris Szagola/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

The joint training sessions between the New York Jets and the Washington Redskins are rambunctious affairs at the best of times. They should be. Preparations for the upcoming NFL season are never taken lightly.

Redskins linebacker Zach Brown raised the temperature earlier this summer. His former team-mate and now Jet, Terrelle Pryor, can expect special treatment.

“The boys are gonna have it out for him,” he claimed earlier this summer. “We can put hands on him now.”

Pryor responded coolly to the threat; “If they take dirty shots, I’m sure we’ll handle that accordingly,” he told the assembled New York media this week.

The Jets join the Redskins for two days of joint practices on August 12th. Two days after final practice, the two meet in a match at FedEx Field.

Brown’s comments stem from Pryor’s habit of catching one-handed catches during training camp.

“The boys were already hot for what he was doing last year,” Brown continued. “Try to one-hand something while you’re with the Jets, you’re gonna catch a forearm.”

Acrimony is in the Washington air. Having made great plays to sign him as a free agent on a one-year deal, they hoped to keep him. However, the Jets topped the $1m contract he was on and Pryor was gone.

He missed a lot of games last season due to injury, making just two starts. Pryor confirmed to reporters that despite surgery, he still has problems with his ankle. However, he expects to be fully fit in time for the joint practice sessions.