Red Sox Extends Lead with Win over Marlines, Yankees Suffer in Chicago

Mookie Bett with Red Sox. Photo by Chris Szagola/CSM/REX/Shutterstock (9790877k)

The Red Sox extended their lead in the Eastern Conference table rankings after a comfortable 14-6 victory over the Miami Marlins on Wednesday night. Elsewhere, the Yankees run to catch up with Boston was stalled by a 4-1 loss to Chicago’s White Sox.

Boston’s win was overshadowed by a minor injury to their main pitcher David Price. The 33-year old was struck by a powerful shot initiated by Austin Dean in the third out.

“I think it’s all be all right, been hit a couple of times this year,” Price, who wore a brace and a wrap on his fist, said.

After trailing 5-3, the Red Sox geared up and made one of their biggest innings of the season. The victory means the Boston-based team has won in 22 of their last 26 interleague matches. They also upped their ranking on the East AL league, to increase their gap with New York Yankees, who lost in the same night to Chicago.

LaMarre and Lopex Stellar

The White Sox’s dominant run was bolstered by LaMarre’s four runs and Lopex’s stellar performance. Although 27 games before they can reach .500, Chicago’s win was a blow to the Yankees, who are now seven and a half games trailing Boston.

Manager Aaron Boone described the loss as “disheartening” irrespective of the opponent in question.