QB Dak Prescott: “I Want to Be a Cowboy Forever”

Dak Prescott during a Redskins vs. Cowboys game in 2017. Photo by Shane Roper/CSM/REX/Shutterstock (9301471cj)

Despite starting every game for the Dallas Cowboys in the last three years, quarterback Dak Prescott was one of the least paid QBs in the league last season, earning $630,000 in 2018. He is looking to change that soon and is currently negotiating a new contract extension with the Cowboys although two sides are yet not close to the deal. Still, the fans shouldn’t be worried about the negotiations too much, as it seems like Prescott is determined to play out his career in Dallas.

“I want to be a Cowboy forever,” – said Prescott in a recent interview published on the Cowboys’ official website. “I think the people that are doing the deal feel the same way so to me it’s no rush. I know it will get done.”

According to Prescott, he isn’t too worried about the contract extension and rather focuses on becoming a better football player.

“My whole focus is within the locker room,” – he added. “I’ve got people that take care of that. I’ve got a great team, team of agents. That’s their job. Jerry has said when he’s had to that they are negotiating but as far as I’m concerned, it’s just about getting better, getting better as quarterback, getting better as a leader and just making sure our team is getting better.”

Dak Prescott was drafted in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft, and initially supposed to be a backup for veteran Tony Romo. After Romo got injured in the preseason, Prescott assumed the role of a starter in at the beginning of his rookie season and hasn’t looked back since. He is currently the QB with most wins (33) since 2016 after New England Patriots’ Tom Brady.

During his three years in the NFL, Prescott completed 66.1 percent of his passes for 10,876 yards and 67 touchdowns in the regular season. He also rushed for 944 yards and 18 touchdowns.