NFL’s Greatest Return Man Devin Hester Officially Announces His Retirement

Devin Hester won't be returning to NFL.

Devin Hester of the Atlanta Falcons returns a punt. Photo by Matthew Impey/Wired Photos/REX/Shutterstock (4220958d)

Devin Hester, the greatest return man in the history of the league has decided to call it quits and retire from professional football. Hester didn’t play football in 2017 season and was a free agent after his contract with the Seattle Seahawks expired. He previously stated that he will retire after the Seahawks lost the Divisional Round against Atlanta Falcons, but now it’s official.

Hester announced his retirement via a letter on Tuesday.

I have good news and bad news,” – he wrote in the letter. “Good news: Commissioner Goodell, you can put the kickoff back at the 30. Bad news: Y’all will have to find a new favorite returner. Over the last year, I’ve spent time reflecting on my career surrounded by friends and family, and I realized it’s time for me to officially retire from the NFL.”

Hester went on to thank the University of Miami, former coach Don Soldinger, Chicago Bears’ fans and all others who helped him during his career.

After spending his college football career at the University of Miami, Devin Hester was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the second round of 2006 NFL Draft. Although the Bears decision to draft Hester was criticized, he quickly proved his worth by recording six touchdowns in his first 13 games. He had two kickoff return touchdowns, three from punt returns and one from a missed field goal. Hester went on to play seven more seasons for the Bears, before becoming part of the Atlanta Falcons and then eventually the Seahawks. During his NFL career, he posted numerous NFL records including the one for most non-offensive touchdowns with 20. Hester earned Pro Bowl selection four times while also receiving All-Pro honors on three occasions.