LeBron James Becomes First Player in NBA History to have 30K Points, 8K Rebounds, and 8K Assists

Although he might never be the GOAT, LeBron James will own majority of the records and NBA's firsts.

LeBron James. Photo by Canadian Press/REX/Shutterstock

LeBron James once again proved his greatness. In Tuesday night’s game against the Brooklyn Nets, James helped his Cleveland Cavaliers to get the better end of the 129-123 score with 31 points, 12 rebounds, and 11 assists. Not only that, but he also became the first player in the NBA history to have 30,000 points, 8,000 rebound, and 8,000 assists. That’s right; no player in the NBA has ever managed to reach such numbers in his career except LeBron James, and he is “only” in his 15th season in the league.

With the long list of so many great players that have come through this league, in the history of this league, for me to be the only [person] in a category, I think it’s pretty cool,” said James after the win over the Nets on Tuesday. “It’s pretty cool. I take pride in my game. I’ve always taken pride in being a triple threat since I started playing basketball, and I never wanted to be labeled as a scorer.

I always wanted to be labeled as just an all-around basketball player; and I get more gratification out of the assists more than anything, because to get my guys great looks or they’re knocking down shots, that means a lot to me.” –he added.

James also posted his achievement on his Instagram profile.

LeBron James has played an exceptionally well all-around basketball in February, averaging a triple-double during the month and becoming the oldest player in the NBA history to do so. In the 2017 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, he also became the only player in the league’s history to average a triple-double during the entire series. Although he is 33 years old, James could potentially play on a high level for at least 3 more years, so we are about to see many more firsts and record breaks.

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