Gilbert Arenas Trained Bronny James and Told LeBron: “He’s Your Clone”

Image by Keith Allison on Flickr via Wikipedia

LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas are apparently old friends. So much so, in fact, that LeBron felt comfortable enough telling Arenas to “put some eyes on him” during a basketball training session.

The former Washington Wizards All-Star retold the story best to reporter Chris Miller on an episode of And One: “LeBron hit me on Instagram and said ‘My son is starting to train and he’s training with Dribble2Much. Can you go over there and put some eyes on him and let me know because I’m kind of worried about him.’ I went there, watched him, and gave him some pointers.”

Arenas, one dubbed “Agent Zero”, told LeBron that he had nothing to be worried about: “He’s your clone, you don’t need to be worried.”

Arenas got into more detail regarding his predictions for Bronny’s future success: “From his bone structure, he’s going to be all of 6-8, 6-9, and the fact that he’s jumping higher now means he’s going to be 6-8, 6-9 with a 44-inch vertical… when he takes it seriously, it’s going to be scary.”

Bronny is still in high school, but already has offers to play for prestigious basketball organizations such as Duke, UCLA, Kentucky, North Carolina, and many more.