Eric Dickerson Retires As a Member of Rams After Signing One-Day Contract

Eric Dickerson, NFL record holder for most yards rushed in a single season, signed a one-day contract with Los Angeles Rams so he could retire as a member of this team.

Photo by Brian To/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (5967111fx)


Although he finished playing football in 1993 and has been a member of Hall of Fame for 18 years, running back Eric Dickerson has retired just today. Tuesday saw Eric Dickerson signing a one-day contract with Los Angeles Rams so he could retire as a member of Rams. “It feels amazing to sign this contract and officially be a Los Angeles Ram for life. My passion for this organization during my playing days and for the players wearing Rams jerseys now is undeniable.” Dickerson said.

Eric Dickerson was drafted by Los Angeles Rams in the 1983 NFL Draft as a second overall pick. His rookie season saw Dickerson breaking various rookie records including most rushing yards gained with the figure standing at 1,808. He also took Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards while receiving All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors. The following year, Dickerson broke O. J. Simpson’s record for most yards rushed in a single season that stood at 2,003. Dickerson rushed 2,105 yards, and his record is still active. After two more seasons as a member of Rams, Dickerson also played 4 years for Indianapolis Colts followed by short stints at Los Angeles Raiders and Atlanta Falcons.

The opportunity for Dickerson to retire as a member of Los Angeles Rams comes after last year’s beef between him and Rams coach at the time, Jeff Fisher. Dickerson was very critical about the organization after some “uninspiring performances” and later said he was banned from the sidelines by Fisher. Fisher then responded that Dickerson is not banned but could be if he continues with the criticism. This saw Dickerson not going to the Rams’ games anymore. Of course, Fisher isn’t Rams’ coach anymore so this could be viewed as a way for Los Angeles Rams to make amends with one of their most legendary players.

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