Cowboys Dak Prescott “Thankful” the Team Traded for Amari Cooper

Dak Prescott during a Redskins vs. Cowboys game in 2017. Photo by Shane Roper/CSM/REX/Shutterstock (9301471cj)

The Dallas Cowboys may have lost Sunday’s game to the Philadelphia Eagles, but they didn’t go down easy. New signing Amari Cooper rose to the occasion, completing three touchdown passes for 217 yards.

While the first round pick has been phenomenal since joining Dallas, running back Dak Prescott couldn’t help but appreciate his teammate.

“He is an incredible player,” Prescott said. “I knew he was good. I knew he was going to get separation and get open and make great catches. But when you just see the run after catch and breaking tackles and being that great of a player. As I said, I’m just thankful we got that trade.”

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones has previously shared a similar statement, saying Cooper has been every penny he was signed for. Since his arrival, Dallas has won five games and only lost one, establishing a firm spot in the NFC East.

In the six games Cooper has played for Dallas, the Cowboys have recorded 1,714 yards and nine touchdowns. In seven games without him, the team recorded eight touchdowns and 1,417 yards. Prescott has also improved as a player with Cooper’s assistance. His pass completion is up to 74%. He has had more yards and a better passer rating than previously.