Chandler Parsons to Leave the Memphis Grizzlies

Chandler Parsons. Photo by REX/Shutterstock (9865398f)

NBA forward Chandler Parsons and Memphis Grizzlies agreed to part ways on Monday. According to ESPN, the Grizzlies will try to trade the 30-year-old as he still has a contract with them.

Parsons became frustrated with the organization after they limited his play time despite recovering from a knee injury on Dec. 21. While speaking to journalist Mark Giannotto late December, the forward complained about not being given play time, something that consequently led to disputes with the team.

“The most confusing part for me is I’m healthy,” he said. “I’m medically cleared by the people I work with every day, that are experts at this kind of stuff, so it’s frustrating to watch a team struggle and I’m sitting there on the bench healthy, dying to play.”

Parsons played 70 games in the last two seasons, which is why he’d grown frustrated at the Grizzlies. Surprisingly, Memphis owes the player $38 million, including $25.1M which is guaranteed for the 2019-20 season. Before Monday’s decision, the 30-year-old was headed for his fourth year next season to complete a $94 million contract.

Injuries have often been the problem for Parsons and that make cause difficulties in finding him a team as he prepares to depart. He reportedly didn’t want to leave but general manager Chris Wallace had other plans in mind. Wallace wanted the player to have stints in the G-League, and although Parsons didn’t object to that plan wanted a clear timetable that would lead him back to the NBA.