Colorado Zedd

Colorado Zedd
Colorado loves doing anything and everything creative! She prefers to edit a video than watch a movie, write an article than read a book, and bake a batch of cookies than… well she equally loves eating food, too. Basically, she’s a hardcore art-junkie.

You Won’t Believe That These Vehicles Actually Exist

Whether it’s a family SUV or a sporty convertible, the majority of us are used to seeing different types of models and brands of vehicles on a daily basis. But for the most part, cars pretty much look the same. Right?Well, get ready for your minds to be blown with these decked out cars, though! From vehicles...

These NBA Records Are Basically Unbreakable

We all know that since the start of the league in the ‘40s, being part of an NBA team is an incredible achievement for any basketball player to reach. Which makes breaking an NBA record and getting your name in the books is a whole different level of triumph!And while it’s highly unlikely for these incredible NBA...


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