49ers and RB Raheem Mostert “Clear Air” after Player’s Trade Request

San Francisco 49ers' Raheem Mostert. Photo by Dave Shopland/BPI/Shutterstock (10526895aq)

It appears that running back Raheem Mostert might have a future with San Francisco 49ers after all. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Mostert and 49ers’ organization talked and cleared the air regarding the player’s recent trade talks.

Back in early July, Mostert asked for a trade from 49ers after unsuccessful talks about an improved contract. The 28-year-old’s agent Brett Tessler said at the time that the decision was made after “months of unproductive talks” between two sides.

However, things changed in recent weeks as Mostert and “high-ranking member” of the 49ers organization had a conversation about resolving the issue. When reached out for comment, Tessler also expressed optimism about the matter.

Raheem Mostert had a breakthrough season in 2019, leading the 49ers with 772 rushing yards and eight touchdowns. He was also exceptional in the postseason, helping the team to a Super Bowl appearance by rushing for 336 yards and five TDs.

Based on this, Mostert decided to ask for an adjustment of his $2.57 million base salary he is set to earn in 2020. The 49ers’ highest-paid RB at the moment is Tevin Coleman, who is scheduled to receive $4.55 million this year.