Tigers’ Manager Ron Gardenhire on His Future: “I Go Day to Day”

Ron Gardenhire, last year. Photo by Trask Smith/CSM/Shutterstock

It’s been a rough year for the rebuilding Detroit Tigers, who currently own the worst record by far in the MLB with 39-91. This is why the Tigers will probably decide some changes are needed ahead of next season, and one of those changes might be at the managerial position.

While Tigers’ current manager Ron Gardenhire has a contract that runs through 2020, the talk around the league is that he might be out of town following the end of 2019 MLB season. Gardenhire himself is aware of these rumors, but don’t seem too much stressed about his future.

“I go day to day, that’s all we ever do,” – said Gardenhire. “I have a contract for next year. If they want me to come back next year, that’s fine. If they don’t want me to come back next year, so be it.”

Gardenhire became manager of the Tigers in 2018 in order to overlook the rebuild process and try to get the best out of the current situation. However, after 64-98 record last year, and terrible performances this year, it wouldn’t be surprising if the team’s front office begins wondering whether he is still the guy for the job.

“I like it here. I signed a three-year contract, but that’s to be determined … where they want to go and what they want to do,” – he added. “I enjoy this. I love this city. It’s been frustrating, so I understand either way.”

After a short-lived playing career with New York Mets in the 1980s, Ron Gardenhire joined the coaching staff of Minnesota Twins in 1991. After 10 years with the organization, Gardenhire was named the Twins manager, replacing two-times World Series winner Tom Kelly. His tenure in Minnesota included winning six Central Division titles and posting 1068 – 1039 record.