Spurs’ Pau Gasol Denies Trade Request

Pau Gasol. Photo by Muddy Ignace/Dydppa/REX/Shutterstock

Things didn’t go as planned for San Antonio Spurs’ Pau Gasol this season. After he spent the better part of the season struggling with injuries, he was forced to embrace the less prominent role on the team upon recovery. This situation didn’t sit well with the 38-year-old Spanish center, and he ended up making a trade request to the Spurs. At least, that’s what ESPN Deportes and several other media reported in the recent days.

Gasol, on the other hand, offers a different side of the story and denies asking the San Antonio to move him.

“What’s the source? What’s the validity of that story? I don’t know,” – said Gasol when asked about the trade request. “I didn’t request to be traded. I don’t want to comment on it because it is what it is. I think people understand or can figure out my situation on the team is not what was expected from me, and my only wish and desire is to be able to contribute to the team, and be able to be on the floor and do what I’m supposed to do, and do what I signed here to do, and kind of live up to what I’m paid for. That’s all. I’m waiting and hoping that that will happen. I’m staying positive.”

Pau Gasol joined the San Antonio Spurs in 2016, and managed to provide valuable veteran contribution during his time with the franchise. This season, however, he is averaging career lows in almost all statistical categories including minutes (12.5), points (4.4), rebounds (4.7) and assists (1.9).