San Francisco Giants Will Display Cutout Images of Fans in the Stands

Barry Bonds at a pre-game celebration of the 1997 Giants. Photo by Valerie Shoaps/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

The San Francisco Giants came up with an original plan to address the absence of an audience at the stadiums this season. The team announced on Thursday that they plan to place cutout images of fans on the stands during their home games.

The team sent a letter to their season-ticket holders, asking them to provide an image which would then be made into a cutout and placed “as close as possible” to their original seats. All the displays will be made out of waterproof material and come free of charge.

In the letter, the organization said that the Giants Fan Cutout Program, as it was named, will give fans an opportunity to “be at Oracle Park even when you’re home watching the game.” Those who don’t have a season-ticket will be able to be part of the program as well for a price of $99.

MLB previously announced that the 2020 season will consist of 60 games, with the scheduled Opening Day in late July. As of now, the fans won’t be permitted at the stadium, but the league might change its decision depending on the situation concerning the coronavirus pandemic.