Rockies Beat the Cubs 2-1 in Longest Wild Card Game Ever

2018 RL International - England v New Zealand. Denver, USA - 20 Jun 2018
Colorado Rockies coach Bud Black with a rugby ball. Photo by Allan McKenzie/ (9723189bg)

Tuesday turned Wednesday at the Wrigley Stadium as the Colorado Rockies battled the Cubs for 4 hours and 55 minutes to win this year’s winner take it all wild-card game in 13 innings.

In one of the most scintillating postseason games in the league’s history, the Cubs fought hard to duplicate their excellent season on Tuesday. But the Rockies came ready to stun the 40,000 fans in Chicago.

After the first nine innings were over, the game continued for another four. Tony Wolter’s hit was the tiebreaker after more than 4 hours of baseball. The game lasted for 13 innings, making it the longest post-season game ever. It will also be the longest game based on the time taken.

“Well, this was a great one,” Rockies manager, Bud Black, said after the game. “I think this is a classic. I think this will go down as a Major League Baseball classic.”

In spite of the tense and terse displays on the field, the wild card game didn’t have that many runs scored. Colorado made 16 strikeouts while the Cubs only managed thirteen. For many, Tuesday’s game won’t be remembered for numbers. The game was splendid and classically perfect.

The Rockies will play the Brewers in the National League DivisiSeriesies on Friday.