Rockets’ James Harden Ties Kobe Bryant’s 30+ Points Streak

James Harden with Houston Rockets in 2016. Photo by Canadian Press/REX/Shutterstock (5613421g)

Houston Rockets guard James Harden displayed a horrendous, 1-of-17 3-points but managed to score 38 points. In the process, he tied Kobe Bryant’s record of scoring 30 or more points in 16 straight games.

Harden’s awful three-pointer record was also an NBA record, the worst 3-point misses ever recorded in a single game. The other person to hold the record was Damon Stoudamire who went 5-of-21 in the 2005 NBA season.

 To add to the unwanted record, the Rockets also lost Sunday’s game to the Orlando Magic 109-116. Surprisingly, Houston led throughout the game. In fact, they were up by 12 points by halfway. In the last quarter, the Magic made 16 points against 2 to close the game and take a lead.

For Orlando, Sunday’s game was their seventh straight win while the Rockets lost in only their fourth of 17 games. Harden scored 38 points in total. He had 12 rebounds and nine assists as well. While he didn’t hit 40 points, the reigning MVP has had quite a run in the last 16 games. His average in 15 games is 40.5 points, 9.5 assists and 7.3 rebounds. His average for three points is also an average 41%, with an average of 15 3-point attempts in each game.