Rams’ HC Sean McVay Says He “Over-Prepared” for the Super Bowl

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay in 2019. Photo by Charles Baus/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

Los Angeles Rams’ head coach Sean McVay is regarded as one of NFL’s brightest minds thanks to his innovative schemes and play calling as well as meticulous and detailed approach to each game. Still, it turns out that the latter one might have prevented him to win a Super Bowl.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, McVay said that he had too much time before Super Bowl LIII clash against the New England Patriots and ended up overanalyzing everything and being “over-prepared” for the game.

“In the back of my mind, [when making the Super Bowl game plan back in L.A.], I operated knowing I had another week,” – said McVay said. “That urgency to completely finalize the game plan wasn’t quite there, and that led to me watching so much film that you can almost water down your thought process.”

“You have so much time that you can overprepare and get away from some of the things that helped you get there.” – he added. “I watched every game from New England’s season. You see stuff that worked in, say, Week 3, but you forget about the amount of stuff that’s taken place since Week 3. You can watch so much film that you lose perspective. You have 18 games of film you can pore over. And then I even watched the Philly and Atlanta Super Bowls closely.”

McVay also admitted that he was “outcoached” by Patriots’ Bill Belichick and congratulated New England for having a better game plan and its execution.

Sean McVay took over the Los Angeles Rams in 2017, becoming the youngest head coach in modern NFL history at the age of 30. He led the Rams to 11-5 record in his first year, but failed to advance past the NFC Wild Card Game where they lost to Atlanta Falcons. In their second year under McVay, Rams improved to 13-3 record and were crowned the NFC Champions before suffering 13–3 loss to Patriots in the Super Bowl.