Raiders Deny Using a Coin Flip to Determine Their Pick in the 2024 NFL Draft

Las Vegas Raiders Head Coach Antonio Pierce in December 2023
Las Vegas Raiders Head Coach Antonio Pierce in December 2023. Photo by Christopher Trim/CSM/Shutterstock (14240564w)

The Las Vegas Raiders have seen their fair share of controversies and dysfunction both on the field and off the field in recent years. But a story about them using a coin flip to determine their pick in the 2024 NFL Draft might be a new low, if true.

During a recent appearance on The Next Round podcast, rookie corner Terrion Arnold, who was selected by the Detroit Lions with the 24th overall selection, said that the Raiders were interested in taking him with the No. 13 pick. However, they ended up passing on him to take Georgia’s tight end Brock Bowers and later told him that their selection came down to a coin flip.

“The Raiders’ coach, they called me after the draft, and they were like, ‘You know, we actually had a coin toss between you and Brock Bowers and landed on him.’ I was like, oh wow,” Arnold revealed.

On the other hand, Raiders’ head coach Antonio Pierce denied that he had talked with Arnold and that a coin flip had been used to determine their selection.

“As soon as the last two QBS Went off the board.  We SAID BOWERS all the way,” Pierce told ESPN’s Ryan Clarke while adding that they had the Bowers pick in before even being on the block.

Other Raiders’ executives, including Raiders general manager Tom Telesco, later also denied Arnold’s story.

The news, true or not, immediately made headlines, and a lot of people were not surprised by it. While Bowers was considered the best player on the board once the Raiders were on the clock, the team’s pick was criticized because they drafted a tight end in Michael Mayer with a high pick in 2023 and had other pressing needs.

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