Raiders’ Bring Back “Hard Knocks” Star WR Keelan Doss

Keelan Doss playing college football. Photo by Kevin Langley/CSM/Shutterstock

After saying goodbye to Antonio Brown, Oakland Raiders found themselves needing another wide receiver. Instead of exploring trade options, they decided to bring back a familiar face in Keelan Doss.

Doss, who spent the training camp with Raiders before being cut, will sign for a rookie minimum of $495,000 and $300,000 signing bonus.

Doss had an eventful day on Monday, as he was first offered rookie minimum from Jacksonville Jaguars to remain on their practice squad. Oakland decided to step up their offer after that, and the player returned to silver and black.

Keelan Doss played out his college career in UC Davis, where he set the records for touchdowns with 29 and all-purpose yards with 4,218. Although it was projected that he would be drafted in the third or fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft, he ended up going undrafted. Raiders decided to sign him for training camp as a free agent.

The interesting thing about Doss is that he emerged as a star of HBO’s series “Hard Knocks” which followed Oakland’s training camp this year. He made four preseason game appearances with the team, catching 17 passes for 162 yards and one TD. It was believed Doss might earn the spot on the team after this, but Raiders decided to part ways with him during their 53-man roster cuts. He ended up signing with Jags’ practice squad shortly after.