Pro Bowl WR T.Y. Hilton: “I Want to Be a Colt For Life”

T.Y. Hilton with the Indianapolis Colts in 2019. Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Indianapolis Colts’ veteran wide receiver T.Y. Hilton doesn’t seem interested in testing the free agency next year. In a recent chat with The Athletic, the four-time Pro Bowler said that he would like to spend the rest of his career with the Colts.

Hilton is entering the 2020 NFL season with an expiring contract, which will pay him $14.5 million. And while he and Colts still didn’t engage in proper talks about the extension, the 30-year-old is hopeful he will stay in Indianapolis.

“I want to be a Colt for life, but it takes two sides to get it done,” Hilton told The Athletic’s Zak Keefer.

Indianapolis Colts showed interest in keeping T.Y. Hilton around, but the player will most likely have to agree on a pay cut. Hilton’s current salary pays him like one of the wideouts in the league, but he hasn’t exactly produced on that level lately. He had his last Pro Bowl season back in 2017 while only managing to catch 50 passes for 501 yards and four touchdowns last season.

The most likely scenario will see Hilton and Colts agreeing to a long-term extension with a more modest value before the season starts. There is also a possibility that Hilton bets on himself in 2020, hoping for a productive season that would raise his price.

Since entering the league as Colts’ third-round pick in 2012, Hilton has 552 receptions for 8,598 yards and 45 TDs. He also added 45 receptions for 749 yards and three touchdowns in the postseason.