Philadelphia Eagles Defeat New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII

City of Philadelphia got its long overdue Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Philadelphia Eagles celebrating a Super Bowl victory. Photo by Charles Baus/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

Philadelphia Eagles defeated New England Patriots 41-33 in the Super Bowl LII and got their first Vince Lombardi Trophy. It was unexpected, improbable win for the Eagles who came with their backup quarterback to play against arguably the greatest quarterback – coach combo in the history of NFL, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

The Eagles, who were the underdogs during their entire playoff run after their star quarterback Carson Wentz was injured during the regular season, weren’t given much chance against the Patriots. No one believed that Nick Foles, who considered retirement couple of years ago, could put on a performance good enough to beat one of the greatest team’s in league’s history. Still, Foles and the entire Eagles team stepped up to the challenge and with aggressive play managed to stay in front for the most part of the game.

It was 9:22 mark of the fourth quarter and the Patriots finally managed to take their first lead of the game. It was something already seen from this Patriots team. They would take over late in games and managed to come up victorious. Eagles took the lead again with 2:21 left in the game. Tom Brady took the field, and everyone expected him to embark on one of his signature drives, get the ball to the Eagles’ end zone and win his sixth Super Bowl championship.

Instead, Brandon Graham, the defensive end for the Eagles, managed to find a bit of space in the Patriots’ offensive line and knock the ball from Tom Brady and force a fumble. It was Brady’s first fumble in 20 postseason games. It was also the moment that decided the game. Eagles kicked a field goal and had the 8 point advantage with less than a minute left. Brady had one more chance, but tight end Rob Gronkowski didn’t manage to catch a Hail Mary pass from his quarterback and clock run out, making the Eagles Super Bowl champions for the first time.

It was one of the rare times that Brady and Belichick didn’t enjoy in the confetti rain.