Pelicans Unable to Find Anthony Davis Trade Suitor

Anthony Davis with Pelicans. Photo by Stephen Lew/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

After Anthony Davis requested a trade away from the New Orleans Pelicans last month, the team’s front office did their best to send him away to another team.

However, after the NBA trade deadline passed at midnight on Thursday night, reality sunk in. The Pelicans were unable to find an adequate offer for the superstar, and they will have to wait until the offseason to deal Davis.

Anthony Davis requested a trade away from New Orleans after his frustration with the franchise began to mount after another losing season. One of the top stars in the NBA, Davis wanted to move on to a team in which he could compete for championships.

After extended negotiations and discussions with teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and others, it became clear that it wouldn’t be possible to trade Davis at this time.

This puts both the Pelicans franchise and Davis in an awkward position. Davis has said that he will continue to play for the Pelicans this season, despite his trade request. In addition, New Orleans has said that they will allow him to play for them through the end of this season.

However, this unpalatable situation, both for the franchise and for the player, isn’t what anyone imagined after Davis made his trade request in January.

Anthony Davis must stay in New Orleans until at least the end of this NBA season. If he gets his wish, however, the team will find a way to deal him elsewhere this summer. Until then, the franchise and player will have to endure an uncomfortable marriage that couldn’t end soon enough.