Patriots Lose 4 Straight, Cam Newton Fumbles Away Potential Win

Cam Newton in 2017. Photo by Jacob Kupferman/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

Things are not looking good for New England Patriots at this point. The Pats suffered another loss on Sunday, getting beaten 24-21 by Buffalo Bills, and are now riding a four-game losing streak.

Both New England and Buffalo entered the contest with a point to prove, considering their disappointing performances in the past several weeks. But the game itself didn’t offer much excitement until the fourth quarter.

With both teams standing at 14, Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen put together a quick drive at the beginning of the final period and walked into the endzone to give his team a lead.

It didn’t take long for Pats to respond in the same way. QB Cam Newton led New Englands’ offense 72 yards down the field and also got the walk-in TD to tie the game.

On the following possession, Bills had to settle for a field goal, giving New England enough time to execute a game-winning TD drive or set up a game-tying field goal. And they almost did.

With 0:37 remaining on the clock, Pats had a 2nd&10 on Buffalo’s 20 and at least a close FG attempt in the bag. Newton saw an opportunity to buy some more yards with his legs and maybe get a win, so he naturally went for it.

Unfortunately for the Patriots, Bill’s defensive tackle Justin Zimmer followed the play and managed to kick the ball from Newton’s hands from behind. Safety Dean Marlowe recovered the fumble and secured an important win for his team.

With this loss, the New England Patriots are now third in AFC East with a 2-5 record. Bills are first with 6-2.