Patriots Defend Super Bowl Title With Opening Blowout

Tom Brady. Photo by Dave Shopland/BPI/REX/Shutterstock (8269547bh)

If the first game of the season is any indication of what’s to come, then the rest of the NFL is in trouble. 42-year-old Tom Brady continued to defy the laws of aging as he looked as good as ever and the Patriots defeated the Steelers on opening night with a 33-3 blowout.

Before the game, the Patriots unveiled yet another Super Bowl banner with the focus being on recently retired tight end Rob Gronkowski. Any doubts that critics had on how they would perform without Gronk were put to rest by the show the offense put on.

Brady, who is starting his 20th season, threw for 341 yards and three touchdown passes. Ben Roethlisberger completed 27 of 47 passes and threw an interception.

Despite the relief of getting rid of troublesome players Le’veon Bell and Antonio Brown, their presence was clearly missing as Pittsburgh managed to run for only 32 yards and their passing game was weak and inconsistent.

Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman caught 6 passes for 83 yards and added a trick play throw as well. The rest of the receiving core all contributed big numbers, and the scariest part is that this is all without the best receiver in the league Antonio Brown, who is eligible to play in Week 2. After Week 1 the question doesn’t seem to be if the Patriots will win their 7th Super Bowl, rather who will they have to beat in February?