Packers’ Backup QB DeShone Kizer Sees Himself as “Future Super Bowl MVP”

DeShone Kizer. Photo by Jevone Moore/CSM/Shutterstock

DeShone Kizer’s NFL career didn’t turn out the way he was hoping in the past two years. After a struggling rookie season as a starter with Cleveland Browns, Kizer was traded to the Green Bay Packers where he became Aaron Rodgers’ backup. Still, the 23-year-old quarterback doesn’t intend to give up on his dreams. As a matter of fact, he aims to be a “future Super Bowl MVP” one day.

Kizer recently had a chat with Jim Owczarski of USA Today, in which he discussed his mindset for the upcoming season saying that he intends to give “100 percent” effort every time he steps on the field.

“Right now, it’s all about making sure that every time I step out on that field that I am giving 100 percent effort. There is no complacency,” – said Kizer. “There is no ‘next year’ anymore. You grow up within sports really focusing in on development and understanding there’s a timeline that’s in place, so you don’t necessarily put as much pressure on yourself to get things done right away.”

Kizer also added that he doesn’t intend to spend the rest of his NFL career as a backup.

“I don’t see myself as Aaron Rodgers’ backup for the final era of his career,” – he said. “I see myself as a future Super Bowl MVP. That’s the goal that I want to head toward. That’s the level I want to play at. Therefore, if I’m competing and focused in on the backup competition, then once again, I’m limiting myself.”

Browns selected DeShone Kizer in the second round of 2017 NFL Draft and named him their starting quarterback for the season. In his rookie year, Kizer played 15 games, but failed to make a meaningful impact on the field. He completed just 53.6 percent of his passes while throwing for 2,894 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also led the league with 22 interceptions.

As a part of their roster rebuild, Cleveland traded Kizer to Packers during the 2018 offseason. He ended up playing three games in Green Bay during the last season, passing for 187 yards and zero touchdowns while also throwing two interceptions.