Oklahoma City Thunder Players are Angry after Losing Again According to Carmelo Anthony

New Big 3 in Oklahoma City has troubles working together.

Carmelo Anthony with the US Men's basketball team in 2016. Photo by Heuler Andrey/AGIF/REX/Shutterstock (5837242v)

Things are not looking great for the Oklahoma City Thunder early on. After a win against the defending NBA champions Golden State Warriors, Thunder has lost to Detroit Pistons, Dallas Mavericks and most lately have been blown out by the Orlando Magic. It is important to note that the Magic entered the game against the OKC with nine straight losses. Something like this shouldn’t suppose to happen to a team that has Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony.

On Thursday Anthony decided to speak out and said that the OKC’s players are not frustrated with the losses; they are just angry.

Nobody is moping around, nobody is frustrated. I think guys are angry. I think guys are pissed,” – said Anthony. “That just comes from your competitive nature, wanting to win games — understanding what we have over here, the talent level that we have over here and not being able to put it together right now. So that’s where the anger comes in at.

Anthony added that he has been on the teams that were frustrated because of the losses, but that he doesn’t feel like that’s the case with the Thunder.

The team’s biggest star and reigning NBA MVP, Russell Westbrook decided to take the blame for team’s bad performances.

It just started with a sense of urgency, man,” – said Westbrook. “And that starts with me. It’s my responsibility to make sure we’re ready to play, we’re ready to play on both sides of the ball. To get us out of this funk, we’ve gotta lock-in. I take ownership of everything that’s going on because I’ve been here and those standards that we set here in Oklahoma City, I have to set them and set examples. It starts with me and we’re gonna turn this thing around.

The Thunder hasn’t been awful, but they have been far from good so far. The team that has three All-Stars currently has an 8-12 record and ranks 22nd in the offense. On the positive note, they are still the 3rd best defensive team in the league.

Thunder players are hopeful that they can turn this around, but not everyone shares their confidence.