New York Yankees are MLB’s Most Valuable Franchise With $5 Billion Worth

New York Yankees Ticker Tape Parade in 2009. Photo by Erik Pendzich/REX/Shutterstock (1029249u)

Influential financial magazine Forbes recently revealed their yearly list of the most valuable teams in baseball, and it’s safe to say that there are no surprises. New York Yankees once again topped the list with the franchise’s worth being estimated at $5 billion.

Yankees have increased their value compared to last year when they were estimated at $4.6 billion. With this increase in worth, the franchise also became the second most valuable in all sports behind NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are estimated at $5.5 billion. 

Los Angeles Dodgers came second behind the Yankees on the rankings, but with significantly less value. Dodgers have a value of $3.4 billion, which represents a one percent increase compared to the 2019’s estimation of $3.3 billion.

Boston Red Sox came third with $3.3 billion, while Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants close out the top five with $3.2 billion and with $3.1 billion, respectively.

Miami Marlins were identified as the franchise with the lowest value, being estimated at $980 million. Marlins are joined on the bottom by Kansas City Royals ($1.025 billion) and Tampa Bay Rays ($1.5 billion)

According to Forbes, the overall value of MLB teams is $1.85 billion, which is a four percent increase from last year.