Nasukawa Vows to Avenge MacGregor by Beating Floyd MayWeather

Floyd Mayweather. Photo by Ray Tang/LNP/REX/Shutterstock (8961688o)

Japanese Kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa broke his silence on Tuesday about the news of his planned fight against celebrated boxer Floyd Mayweather later in December.

First, the 20-year-old responded to Conor McGregor’s controversial post about the fight.

“Hello, My. McGregor. My name is Tenshin Nasukawa. I am not Jackie Chan. I promise to avenge your loss, so please watch my fight. @TheNotoriousMMA”

The kickboxer was replying to a controversial post by McGregor.

On Tuesday, Nasukawa reiterated his zeal to defeat the 50-0 Mayweather. “I don’t care what the rules are. I want to be the man who changes history. I’ll do that with these fists, with one punch-just watch, the Japanese said.

Like Mayweather, Nasukawa holds an unbeaten record of 27-0 and is one of the most famous Mixed Martial Arts fighter in Japan. Mayweather seemed to acknowledge the talent on Monday, calling him “an unbelievable talent.”

“He’s very special, he’s fast, and he’s strong. I’m older now and when it comes to experience, I have it on my side. He has youth on his side and he’s going to bring a lot of excitement,” Mayweather said as praise to his opponent to be.

While the date for the bout has been set as New Year’s Eve, the rules are yet to be finalized. Mayweather is a boxer who relies on nothing else other than his punches. Nasukawa’s strong point is his legs. While it’s too early to say who will win, the winner could become clear once the rules are set.