MLB’s Single Season Home Run Record Broken After 17 Years

The game between the Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays saw Alex Gordon breaking the 17 year old MLB's single-season home run record.

Photo by Peter Joneleit/CSM/REX/Shutterstock (8871096ao)

Records are meant to be broken, and Major League Baseball has taken this seriously in 2017 season. After Cleveland Indians set a new winning streak record of American League and came close to 1916 New York Giants with their 22 straight wins, the MLB’s single-season home run record was also broken. In the game against Toronto Blue Jays, Alex Gordon of the Kansas City Royals hit a home run which was 5,694th this season and marked a new record. The previous record was 5,693 home runs in 2000 season. In case you are wondering, Alex Presley of the Detroit Tigers was the man to tie the record. Now, with 12 days left in the 2017 season, the number will just keep on rising. MLB confirmed this on their official Twitter account with an accompanying video of the home run.

Current home run per game rate is 2.52 or 1.26 per team, which could mean we are in for more than 6,100 home runs in this season. For comparison, 2000 season saw 2.34 per game (1.17 per team) rate. The rate of home runs has spiked up since 2014’s 4,186 home runs, increasing around 47 percent. 107 players already hit 20 or more home runs this season, which is 3 less than in 2016. Some may argue that the reason for this record-breaking season are changes in the game itself but baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred denies that. Speaking for NBC Sports, Manfred offered the following comment:

I don’t think that we are ever going to have a single explanation for exactly why we’ve see so many. But players are bigger and stronger. They’re playing a little differently, in terms of the way they swing. Pitchers throw harder. The one thing I remain comfortable with: Nothing about the baseball, according to our testing, is materially different.”

We will have to believe commissioner Manfred and just enjoy in this record – shattering season.