MLB Reportedly Discussing Three-State Plan For 2020 Season

Texas Rangers starting pitcher Mike Minor. Photo by Albert Pena/CSM/Shutterstock (10317989d)

Major League Baseball continues to debate possible plans for going through with a 2020 season that has been delayed and impacted severely by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to reports, the league is now considering a plan that would divide the league’s teams between Florida, Texas, and Arizona in a three-state plan that would take advantage of existing Major League, spring training, and Minor League stadiums.

Other plans that have been discussed have included sending all teams to Arizona and dividing the teams between Florida and Arizona to take advantage of their large number of baseball stadiums. Due to the logistical problems that this would present, however, it now appears that they have added Texas to their potential plans.

While the state of Texas does not have any spring training facilities or stadiums, it does have two Major League stadiums belonging to the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros with retractable roofs. In addition, the state has seven Minor League stadiums, all in classes AA and AAA which could also work for hosting games.

The assumption is that the league would send ten teams to each locale and play multiple games per day behind closed doors.

Major League Baseball is expected to announce their plans for the coming season in the next few weeks.