MLB and Union Discuss Expanding Playoffs to 16 Teams

Cleveland Indians v Texas Rangers. Photo by Albert Pena/CSM/REX/Shutterstock (8562780g)

We could have expanded playoffs in the 2020 MLB season after all. According to ESPN, the league and the MLB Players’ Association are currently talking about increasing the number of postseason spots from 10 to 16 for this year.

The two sides had a similar discussion last month while trying to work out a plan for baseball return in 2020. However, as two sides couldn’t agree on several other terms and abandoned negotiations, this idea was shelved.

Now, MLB is trying to have another go at the expanded playoffs before the start of the regular season and is reportedly optimistic that the union would be open to the proposal.

Having six more teams in the playoffs would likely benefit both sides. MLB would get more games in a shorted season while getting more money from TV rights, which account for the majority of league’s revenues this year as the coronavirus pandemic removed the fans from stands.

Players, on the other hand, will get playoff bonuses and have their earnings increased in a year when they are set to earn just around 40 percent of their usual salaries.

In case that the league and MLBPA come to an agreement, the first round of the playoffs will most likely be best-of-three due to an already packed schedule. The rest of the postseason is expected to follow the standard format.