Michael Jordan Says He Has “No Patience for Coaching”

Michael Jordan in 2014. Photo by BPI/REX/Shutterstock (4101643bd)

It doesn’t come as a surprise that basketball legend Michael Jordan never considered a coaching gig since he ended his NBA career. Jordan not only has his own team in the NBA, but he also doesn’t need more validation in the world of sports as he is still considered the best player in the history of the game.

But, as it turns out, there is one more reason why Jordan never attempted to pass his knowledge in a coaching role. In a recent interview with Cigar Aficionado, Jordan explained that he simply doesn’t have the patience to be a coach.

“I have no patience for coaching,” said Jordan. “My biggest problem from a competitive standpoint is the focus of today’s athlete and the focus where I saw the game, how I pursued the game—it changes, and it’s totally different.”

According to Jordan, the approach to basketball drastically changed since he walked out, and younger players have a different perception of the game than he did.

“For me to ask an individual to focus on the game the way I played the game, in some ways would be unfair for that kid that would have to endure that,” he added. “If he didn’t do it, there is no telling where my emotions would be. I don’t think I would have the patience for it.”

You can check out the full interview below.

Since retiring in 2003, Jordan has been mostly present in basketball as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. He bought a minority stake in the franchise in 2006 before becoming a majority owner in 2010.