Magic Johnson Offers His Take on Stephen Curry’s Claim of Being Best PG in NBA History

Magic Johnson in 2018
Magic Johnson in 2018. Photo by Frank Micelotta/Shutterstock (9946576az)

The Golden State Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry recently made a claim that he is the best point guard in NBA history. But while his success with the Warriors and the way he transformed the league with his three-point shooting give his statement some legitimacy, a lot of people disagree.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ legend Magic Johnson, whom many basketball fans considered the best PG to ever play the game, offered his take on Curry’s claim during a recent chat with Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio. According to Johnson, Curry still needs to hit some milestones before making such comments.

“OK, so, if he got more than five championships, if he got more than three Finals MVPs, and three league MVPs, then he’s the greatest,” Johnson told Gelb. “If he got more than No. 1 in assists all time in the Finals, No. 2 in double-doubles [in the playoffs and Finals], No. 1 in triple-doubles all time in the NBA playoffs, No. 4 in steals all time in the playoffs, if he got more than those numbers, then he’s the best.”

“If he got more than all those things, he’s the best,” Johnson added. “But the last time I checked, he doesn’t.”

Of course, all the achievements that Johnson listed are actually his own. And it is safe to say that Curry still has a lot of catching up to do. He needs one NBA title, two NBA Finals MVP awards, and one regular MVP honor to catch Johnson.

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