Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford Reportedly Played With Broken Back in 2018

Matthew Stafford. Photo by Stephen Lew/CSM/Shutterstock

The production of Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford took a big dip in 2018 as he threw for less than 4,000 yards for the first time since injury-riddled 2010 season. While analysts contributed this decline to various factors, it looks like Stafford has a proper excuse for his bad performances.

According to longtime Lions writer Mike O’Hara, Stafford played in 2018 while having broken bones in his back.

“He had a broken back last year,” – said O’Hara during an appearance on the weekly podcast by WJR’s Ken Brown. “Broken bones in his back.”

The news was later confirmed by NFL Insider Ian Rapaport, who described the injury as “tiny fractures” in Stafford’s back.

If we take into consideration just the years he played full 16 games, 2018 was a career-worst for Matthew Stafford. He threw for just 3777 yards and 21 touchdowns, compared to 2017’s 4446 yards and 29 touchdowns.

Lions were also affected by Stafford’s bad performances, as they finished 6-10, which was their worst record in six years.