Kyle Murray Chooses to Focus on Football

Kyler Murray during his time at Oklahoma in 2018. Photo by Albert Pena/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

Kyler Murray, the dual-sport star that won the Heisman Trophy with Oklahoma as college football’s top player this season, signed a contract to play professional baseball last year.

The team that signed him, however, learned today that he will not honor that contract after deciding to focus his professional sports career on football.

Murray, who was taken by the MLB’s Oakland Athletics with the 9th overall pick in last June’s baseball draft, will forgo a $4.6 million dollar signing bonus that he was promised if he chose to play baseball instead of football.

Murray released a statement in which he said that his passion is football, and that despite the contract he signed with Oakland to play baseball, he believes that his future lies in the game of football.

The 20-year-old superstar played outfield while on the baseball diamond, the sport that he is setting aside. In football, he is a dynamic quarterback with gifted running and passing abilities.

Murray, with today’s decision, will declare for the NFL Draft at the end of April.

Most experts believe that Murray will be a first round pick in the draft, and some even say that he could be chosen within the draft’s top five picks.

Murray states that he will now begin workouts and preparation for the NFL Draft, with his goal being “to prove to NFL decision makers that (he) is the franchise QB in this draft.”

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