Houston Astros Acquire Justin Verlander from the Tiger

Houston Astros have confirmed that they acquired pitcher Justin Verlander from Detroit Tigers in exchange for outfielder Daz Cameron, right-handed pitcher Franklin Perez and catcher Jake Rogers.

Photo by John Mersits/CSM/REX/Shutterstock (5735641t)

Houston Astros are now even more confident in their postseason run, especially after they acquired pitcher Justin Verlander from the Detroit Tigers. Pairing 2011 Cy Young Award winner Verlander with 2015 winner Dallas Keuchel gave Astros’ pitching staff a major boost. In exchange for Verlander, the Astros have traded outfielder Daz Cameron, right-handed pitcher Franklin Perez and catcher Jake Rogers.

There were a lot of opposing reports about this trade. It was first reported that the trade was accepted by the Tigers, but Verlander vetoed it using his 10-and-5 rights. 10-and-5 rights are given to a player who spent 10 years in the Major League and past 5 consecutive years with the same team. Then, the sources couldn’t agree if the trade was really vetoed or fell through due to different reasons. Finally, less than half an hour after 31st August trade deadline, the reports aligned and confirmations of the trade started pouring in. It was important for Astros to conclude this trade before the end of the day since players acquired after 31st August couldn’t be registered to their new teams in the postseason.

Astros really needed a star like Verlander to help them in their effort to try and win their first World Series title. Their pitching staff has struggled recently with Lance McCullers Jr. being out due to back sourness while Verlander’s form has been on the rise in the recent months. In 2017, Verlander has an average 3.82 ERA with 3.24 ERA since May 30. Since the All-Star break, he managed to secure high rankings in American League for himself, being 3rd in ERA, 2nd in WHIP and 2nd in batting average.

Verlander made his MLB debut in 2005 for the Tigers and collected multiple awards and honors during his time at the club. Some of them include AL Rookie of the Year in 2006, AL MVP and unanimous CY Award in 2011 and 6 All-Star selections.


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