Four Biggest Takeaways from Week 8 of 2018 NFL Season

Ryan Fitzpatrick. Photo by Steve Roberts/Cal Sport Media/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

Since we’re halfway through this year’s regular season, you would expect that there aren’t many things left to learn about NFL teams. Well, Week 8 of the 2018 NFL Season showed us just the opposite.

For example, Houston Texans, who were 0-3 to start the season, are now on a five- games winning streak and look like they could secure a playoff spot in a really tough division. It’s the same with the Seattle Seahawks, who flipped the switch after a rough start and are now playing some of the best football in the league.

Let’s check out what else Week 8 of 2018 NFL Season has shown us.

FitzMagic is Back

Tampa Bay Buccaneers remain to be indecisive about who should be their starting quarterback, but that isn’t a bad thing for casual NFL fans. Bucs inserted Ryan Fitzpatrick in the second half of the game against Cincinnati Bengals, and he almost led them to an epic comeback win. He will be their starter this Sunday as well, so get ready for FitzMagic.

New Orleans Saints is the Best Team in NFL

“But what about the LA Rams?” – most of you will ask. Well, to be honest, although Rams are 8-0 they didn’t look like the best team in NFL for some time now. Their last few games came down to the wire, and they dodged a bullet against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday thanks to Ty Montgomery’s unfortunate fumble.

New Orleans Saints, on the other hand, are not only getting wins but are also destroying their opponents. And those were not wins against weak teams like San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos or Arizona Cardinals, which Rams pulled off. Saints have taken down Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, and Minnesota Vikings, and did all of that away from home. So, yes. Saints are the best team in NFL at the moment.

Cleveland Browns are a Mess

Ok, it wasn’t something we didn’t know before, but Cleveland Browns are in such a mess that it should be repeated on a daily basis. While the start of the season looked good for the Browns, everything went downhill for them in the past couple of weeks which eventually got head coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley to clash. Browns responded by firing them both, and now it looks like this will be another painful season for Cleveland fans.

Adrian Peterson Still Has “Juice” Left in Him

Before the season started, most people thought that Adrian Peterson’s career is pretty much done at this point, given the fact that there were not many running backs who managed to be efficient at the age of 33. NFL teams shied away from giving him a contract in 2018, and Peterson only managed to land a job after Washington Redskins lost two of their running backs to injuries. Fast forward to Week 8 of 2018 NFL Season and Peterson managed to rush for 149 yards and a touchdown against NY Giants. He now has 587 rushing yards and four touchdowns this year, proving his doubters that he still has some “juice” left in him to compete on the highest level.