Four Biggest Takeaways from Week 7 of 2018 NFL Season

Dak Prescott. Photo by Shane Roper/CSM/REX/Shutterstock (9301471cj)

What did Week 7 teach us that we didn’t already know before? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. For example, Cleveland Browns are good enough to go to four overtimes, but not good enough to win more than one. Also, New Orleans Saints showed us that the loss to Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the season opener was just a coincidence.

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Cowboys’ Coach Jason Garrett Doesn’t Trust Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys are telling us that Dak Prescott is their franchise quarterback, but everything that they do is showing us just the opposite. The loss against the Washington Redskins on Sunday showed that Cowboys’ coach Jason Garrett doesn’t trust his quarterback. Dallas was down three points and had the ball with less than a minute left to go on Washington’s 50 yards. Instead of trying to win the game and give his quarterback a chance to drive the ball down the field, Garrett decided to

Philadelphia Eagles Could Miss the Playoffs

Is it too soon to overreact? Maybe, but things don’t look good for the reigning Super Bowl Champions. Eagles are now 3-4 after Week 7 of 2018 NFL Season, but more importantly, they are losing to weaker opponents, and they didn’t look convincing in the games they managed to win. They will face Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday and outcome of that game could well determine the rest of Philadelphia’s season.

Los Angeles Chargers Are Better Than We Thought 

While everyone are paying attention to the LA Rams, there is another team in Los Angeles that is having a great season. After 1-2 start, the Chargers have managed to bounce back with four straight wins and look like they could make some real buzz in the playoffs. Their quarterback Phillip Rivers is looking great, and their defense is also getting better. Don’t sleep on the Chargers, because they have real potential.

We Worried About New England Patriots to Soon

There was that loss against the Jags, and then Detroit Lions also managed to steal a win, causing us to think that this could be a turbulent season for the Patriots. Four weeks and four wins later, Pats are clicking on all cylinders and look like they are ready for another Super Bowl run. Josh Gordon seems like the deep-threat weapon Tom Brady was missing, while the Pats defense is finally making some stops. We imagine that things should look even better in the coming weeks considering how little competition New England has in their division.