Four Biggest Takeaways from Week 6 of 2018 NFL Season

Giants' QB Eli Manning in 2018. Photo by Jacob Kupferman/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

In Week 6 of 2018 NFL Season, we learned that Jacksonville Jaguars will never make a step forward with Blake Bortles as their quarterback and that even sensation like Patrick Mahomes can’t do much against Bill Belichick. Also, Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons both showed encouraging signs of life.

Let’s dig into four biggest takeaways from Week 6 of 2018 NFL season.

New York Giants Offense is Appalling

NY Giants have terrific weapons in RB Saquon Barkley and WR Odell Beckham Jr., but their offense is terrible this season. In the first six games, they have managed to score 20+ points only two times. Also, Eli Manning only has six touchdowns in that period while throwing four interceptions as well. It looks like the playoffs hopes for Giants are gone thanks to their offense.

Jags Need to Move on From Blake Bortles

Speaking of terrible quarterbacks, Blake Bortles showed once again that he can’t get things done when it matters the most. While Jaguars defense wasn’t all that great in 7-40 trashing from Dallas Cowboys, the offense led by Bortles was the one that lost them the game. Jags offense was earning three and outs left and right and failed to score a single point in the first halftime for the second consecutive time this season. You have to how long will Jacksonville continue to have patience with Bortles and his “one good and three terrible games” style of playing.

The Bears Are a Work in Progress

It looks like we overestimated Chicago Bears a bit, at least when it comes to their reach for this season. While they became one of the most fun teams to watch under Matt Nagy, the Bears still need to learn how to close out games. After they managed to blew away 20 points lead in the season opener against Green Bay Packers, Bears allowed a game-tying 75-yards touchdown to Dolphins just three minutes before the end of regular time. Then they missed the game-winning field goal in overtime, which ultimately cost them the game. Bears will be a great team, just not this season.

The Steelers Are Back

Ok, we won’t doubt Pittsburgh Steelers anymore. After a dreadful start of the season, Steelers showed in Week 6 of 2018 NFL Season that they are still a Super Bowl contender. The 28-21 win against Cincinnati Bengals showed that their offense started clicking on all cylinders while the defense is finally picking up the pace. Things should get even more exciting once Le’Veon Bell returns.