Four Takeaways from Week 5 of 2018 NFL Season

Texans RB Alfred Blue attempts to fight off a tackle by Dallas Cowboys DE Tyrone Crawford. Photo by Trask Smith/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

Week 5 of 2018 NFL Season further showed us that this would be a disappointing year for fans of several teams that were considered Super Bowl contenders before the season started.

Philadelphia Eagles are looking nothing like defending Super Bowl champions; Atlanta Falcons stopped trying; Green Bay Packers are showing an alarming inconsistency.

On the other side, Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams are still undefeated, and you have to wonder whether anyone can stop their high-powered offense. If we are to judge by Week 5 of 2018 NFL Season, no one can.

We May Have Overrated the Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars looked mighty against New England Patriots in Week 3. As a matter of fact, there were so confident that we immediately gave the Super Bowl contenders status. But, after defeats against Tennessee Titans in Week 4 and now Chiefs on Sunday, you really have to wonder are the Jags overrated. Or maybe Patrick Mahomes is just too good, even for their defense?

2018 Season is a Lost Cause for the Dallas Cowboys

Even the die-hard Cowboys fans have to admit that their team is going nowhere at this moment. Their wide receivers only caught six passes in an overtime loss against the Houston Texans on Sunday and Dak Prescott hinted that his rookie season might have been an aberration. Also, the decision to punt the ball on 4&1 in overtime when Cowboys badly need a win in this game summed the team’s approach this season.

Kickers Make Difference in NFL

Week 5 of 2018 NFL Season showed us the importance of having a good kicker on the roster. Although this is one of the most unappreciated positions in football, the kicker can often decide the game as we saw on Sunday. Green Bay Packers would have won their divisional matchup at Detroit Lions if their kicker Mason Crosby didn’t miss four field goals and one extra point. On the other side, Carolina Panthers’ kicker Graham Gano managed to make a 63-yarder in the last second of the game to seal a 33-31 win over New York Giants.

Cleveland Browns Are No Joke Anymore

In the past two seasons, going against the Cleveland Browns meant almost a certain win. Well, it isn’t so anymore. With each game they play, Browns are showing that they are not a joke anymore and that their 1-31 times are long gone. After beating the Baltimore Ravens and their No.1 ranked defense on Sunday, Browns now have 2-2-1 record, but most importantly, they look like an NFL team that can compete with everyone.