Former Dallas Stars’ D Marc Methot “Probably Done Playing Hockey”

Marc Methot with Stars in 2018. Photo by Daniel Lea/CSM/Shutterstock

It’s been 12 months since defenseman Marc Methot played his last NHL game. And, it looks like he might not play anymore. Methot recently talked with TSN Radio Ottawa 1200, and told the media outlet that he is “probably done playing hockey.”

Methot has been sidelined since January 2019, when he underwent knee surgery while being a member of Dallas Stars. The 34-year-old was limited to nine games in the 2018/19 NHL season, failing to contribute points while on ice.

According to Methot, despite rehabbing for the past year, his knee still hurts which is why he started thinking about ending his career.

“I haven’t made any final or official announcement, but it’s looking like I’m probably done playing hockey,” said Methot. “I really tried to make an effort and get back, and I just weigh the options and whether it’s worth putting my body through that kind of mental and physical excretion, and it’s just not worth it.”

Marc Methot started his NHL career in 2006/07 with Columbus Blue Jackets, while also spending time with Ottawa Senators and Stars. During his career, Methot was known as a physical and reliable defender, playing a total of 624 games in NHL and contributing with 123 points.