Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Talks for UFC Deal According to Dana White

Floyd Mayweather Jr. still has some fighting spirit in him.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (left) and Conor McGregor. Photo by Ray Tang/LNP/REX/Shutterstock (8961688t)

We have seen Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor in a boxing ring; could we see them in a Dana Whitecage? Well, hold on tight, because that just became a possibility. According to UFC president Dana White, the organization is currently discussing a deal with Floyd Mayweather Jr. that would bring the undefeated boxer to mixed martial arts.

We’re talking to Floyd about doing a UFC deal,” – White told ESPN. “It’s real. He was talking about [boxing] Conor McGregor. Was that real? Have you heard Floyd talk about many things that aren’t real? He usually tips his hand when he’s in the media, and then that s— ends up happening. We’re interested in doing something with Floyd. Everything is a realistic possibility. Mayweather vs. McGregor f—ing happened. Anything is possible.

Mayweather Jr. fought McGregor in August 2017 in a boxing match that Floyd won but made them both very rich. According to reports, Mayweather Jr. earned around $300 million while McGregor pocketed close to $100 million. It was also the second highest purchased match in pay-per-view history. There is no doubt that another fight, this time in UFC’s Octagon would also be a high sell. Asked about the possibility of him coming to UFC, Mayweather Jr. didn’t rule that as a possibility.

They just called me not too long ago and asked me to come back,” – said Mayweather while speaking to Fight Hype earlier this month. “I can come right back. If I wanted to, I can come right back to the UFC. I can go fight in the Octagon. I can do a three- or four-fight deal in the Octagon and make a billion dollars. Remember, I’m Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

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