Damian Lillard Trade Talks are Picking Up Steam

Damian Lillard with Team United States in 2021
Damian Lillard with Team United States in 2021. Photo by Pete Dovgan/Speed Media/Shutterstock (12248744bp)

We don’t blame you if you forgot all about All-Star guard Damian Lillard asking the Portland Trail Blazers to trade him. Lillard made his trade request back in July, but didn’t get much closer to leaving the franchise since then. However, that might change soon.

In a recent appearance on NBA Today, ESPN’s NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski shared the latest updates about Lillard’s situation. According to Wojnarowski, the Blazers have ramped up discussions about Lillard in recent weeks and seem to be working on trade scenarios more diligently.

Wojnarowski reported that the Trail Blazers are interested in making a three-team trade so they could maximize the return for their star player. They want draft picks and young players, but some interested teams only have veteran players to offer. By re-directing these veterans to another team, Portland could get a package that fits their needs more.

The Miami Heat still remain the favorites to land Lillard. However, the issue is that the Blazers don’t seem to be too high on Tyler Herro, who is the centerpiece of the Heat’s trade proposal.

Wojnarowski added that Lillard trade talks will intensify as the training camp approaches. The Trail Blazers would likely want to have a drama-free training camp, while the acquiring team probably wants Lillard as soon as possible to get him an early start in a new system.

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