Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott Accepts the Challenge from Giants’ Safety Landon Collins

Dak Prescott in 2017
Dak Prescott with the Cowboys in 2017. Photo by Shane Roper/CSM/REX/Shutterstock (9301471cj)

Is it just us or is trash talk getting heated up in the opening weeks of 2018 NFL season? After all the antics from Jags’ cornerback Jalen Ramsey, New York Giants safety Landon Collins also decided to get into the business of throwing shade by making interesting comments about Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott.

After being asked about the strategy of Giants’ defense for the Sunday’s game against the Cowboys, Collins said that they need to stop their running game and running back Ezekiel Elliott and that they have a better shot of winning the game if the ball is in Prescott’s hands.

We’re making sure we close the air out of their offensive running game,” said Collins. “If we do that, put the ball in Dak’s hands, I think we’ll have a better shot at winning.”

Reporters asked Dak Prescott about Collins’ comments, and the 25-year-old QB looked like he is ready to get the ball in his hands.

Challenge accepted,” said Prescott. “Challenge accepted.”

Cowboys receiver Allen Hurns also weighed in on the comments from the opposition, saying that the team feels they were more about the entire passing game.

As far as him saying it out loud, it doesn’t change anything for us,” – said Hurns. “Of course, he kind of called out our quarterback, but we know, week in, week out, we’ve got to make plays in the passing game.”

While Landon Collins’ comments were a well-though dig to get his opponents off balance, he does have a point. In the recent time, when teams gave Dak Prescott opportunity to beat them, he mostly blew it.

Prescott ended the season-opening loss against the Carolina Panthers by throwing for 170 yards and completing 19 out of his 29 passes. This means that he didn’t pass for 200 or more yards in seven games out of his last nine. The even more alarming thing is that he didn’t have a single touchdown pass in his previous six regular-season games.

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