Colts Introduce New Uniforms For 2020 Season

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett in 2018. Photo by Adam Lacy/CSM/Shutterstock (9839354aj)

The Indianapolis Colts are moving into the 2020 season with some aesthetic changes that will bring a slightly new look to their on-field duds.

The Colts released some updates to their uniforms via a post on social media on Monday morning, surprising fans who had no idea that changes were coming.

Dramatic changes haven’t been introduced with the Colts’ new uniforms, but there are some important updates that will have them looking a bit more modern heading into 2020.

A new wordmark is the biggest change that has been introduced to the team’s look. The old rounded “COLTS” logo will now be replaced by a sharper and more modern-looking version of the same text.

Another key difference is the shape of the numbers on the uniform, which have been changed to more closely reflect the numbers worn by the franchise during the team’s pre-Indiana days in Baltimore.

Finally, the Colts announced a new secondary logo which fits the state of Indiana into the classic team horseshoe. While the main logo hasn’t changed, the new logo is expected to appear on hats and other apparel, and occasionally on the uniforms.

With new quarterback Philip Rivers joining the Colts in 2020, the team has plenty of changes to look forward to heading into the upcoming season.