After starting the 2018 MLB season with a 3-15 record, Cincinnati Reds decided it was time to shake things up. The team has announced on Thursday that they have parted ways with their manager Bryan Price and pitching coach Mack Jenkins. Cincinnati Reds decided to make this move after the team suffered back-to-back shutout losses to Milwaukee Brewers.

The Reds have named bench coach Jim Riggleman as interim manager, saying they will embark on a search for a new manager “later in the year.”

At this time, we felt a change needed to happen in order to begin the process of getting this team back on the right track. We realize it is early in the season but feel it is important to be proactive,” – said Reds’ general manager Dick Williams. “In addition to these staff changes, we will continue to examine all aspects of baseball operations to ensure we are doing everything we can to improve.

Bryan Price served as a pitching coach for the Seattle Mariners and Arizona Diamondbacks, before joining Cincinnati Reds in the same role in 2010. After the Reds fired manager Dusty Baker, Price took over the position and posted a 279-387 record since then. Under his management, the Reds never had a winning season. The team also lost at least 94 games in the past three season, while also finishing last in North League Central in each of them.