Chris Harris Jr. on Bolsters Broncos Attack and Training Camp Morale

Chris Harris Jr during Superbowl 50 Denver Broncos Press Conference in 2016. Photo by BPI/REX/Shutterstock (5580542l)

Confidence is a key quality in any side and training camp the place to instill it. Especially when the team comes off a season of poor performance. In Denver, Vance Joseph already worked miracles in that respect. Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. is buzzing about the new season already.

Harris told fans via the Broncos website, “I don’t see anybody just shutting [our offense] down with our receivers that we got. Our O-line is way better. I see them putting up points. At least 30 a game.”

Presumably, this isn’t the same Broncos offense which had the second-worst give-away/takeaway differential; -17 with only Cleveland’s -28 worse.

A soft under center left them struggling with Lynch, Osweiler, and Siemian all failing to provide a solution to repetitive sloppy play.

Case Keenum’s arrival perked everyone on the roster up with Harris capturing the enthusiasm.

“Our offense is way better than they were last year,” he said. “With Case under center, he’s throwing great balls, he’s had great accuracy all of camp. He’s improved from OTAs.”

In truth, the bar for improvement is low; Broncos offense managed 18.1 points per tussle last season. In contrast, Keenum, with support from Royce Freema, is capable of that on an off-day.

“I think everybody is excited. We love being the underdog. Everybody’s sleeping on us. I wouldn’t sleep on us too much no more. Not with our quarterback.”

If Harris’ enthusiasm translates into points, the Broncos will buck their way through to the postseason with little trouble. However, the real test comes if anything causes Keenum’s form to dip. Can last year’s lackluster attack snap out of their malaise quicker this time?

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